Episode 16: Kids and Gaming/Tech with Samantha Blackmon


We are joined by academic, webhost/podcaster and gaming expert Samantha Blackmon aka @saffista to talk about helping kids navigate the wilds of games and the interwebs. Samantha is an Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition at Purdue University. She is an expert regarding diversity and representation issues across media, but especially in video game related spaces. She is also host of Not Your Mama's Gamer website and podcast/media empire. She is additionally a mom of a child who likes games, and knows a lot about navigating playing games, streaming and watching streams in age-appropriate ways. 

In addition to chatting about what we're playing (not very much in my case, lots of cool stuff in Sam's case), we discuss some ways to manage kids' access depending on age, some games currently played by our own kids (Minecraft never goes out of style). And some ways to think about levels of aggression/violence in games and how they impact kids (spoiler alert: No, video games don't cause violence). Also gate keeping regarding girls and gaming (spoiler alert: It is a BAD THING).

Some games Sam is playing (on more platforms than shown on links because I'm lazy in the linking department; apologies):

One-Eyed Kutkh


Sam streams on Mixer

Did you know that Not Your Mama's Gamer has a section for gaming with kids?

Also, NOTE: A recent episode recorded with Chris Madan is having technical difficulties and will be put up once we figure them out. Sorry Chris :(