Episode 4: Montessori with Laura Flores Shaw

This week we spend some time with the lovely Laura Flores Shaw to discuss Montessori education.  She explains its origins, some misconceptions, and how it fits into a sensorimotor approach to education.  Warning, occasional silliness ensues! Also Peggy tries a video game (Firewatch) and learns logs can be dangerous enemies. Had some audio trouble, but we prevailed.

Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/deborah-budding/episode-4-laura-flores-shaw


Laura Flores Shaw -- www.laurafloresshaw.com    Twitter -- www.twitter.com/lflorshaw    

Laura's Huffington Post -- www.huffingtonpost.com/laura-flores-shaw/

White Paper Press -- www.whitepaperpress.us

Montessori Resources -- www.public-montessori.org/resources-library

Montessori for Autism -- www.montessorieducationforautism.com

Society for Neuroscience Banter (SfN Banter) -- https://twitter.com/sfnbanter  @doc_becca

Firewatch game by Campo Santo

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