Episode 3: Interview with Chris Madan

This week, Peggy stays home while Deb and Jayme venture to Boston for the International Neuropsychological Society conference and chat with neuroscientist Chris Madan about decision making, reward, pigeons, brain stimulation and some clinical application issues (later in the episode). Wine instead of coffee may have been involved. Also shout out to lovely @caitvw and @ohambiguity who joined us for a tweetup in Boston, and Christine Clancy and Jennifer Cass, who also sat in on the recording. Only one microphone for everyone, so be prepared for the audio repercussions. A little inside baseball, but that might be kinda fun for non psych/neuroscience folk.

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Christopher Madan
Website: http://www.cmadan.com
Recently curated @realscientists (https://twitter.com/realscientists; http://realscientists.org), storified highlights from discussions related to memory and decision-making: http://www.cmadan.com/realscientists.php

Chris Madan's papers particularly relevant to discussion at hand:
Biases in decisions from experience: http://www.cmadan.com/papers/LudvEtal2014_JBDM.pdf
Role of memory: http://www.cmadan.com/papers/MadaEtal2014_PBR.pdf
Similar risk preferences in humans and pigeons: http://www.cmadan.com/papers/LudvEtal2014_BL.pdf

Marcia Spetch: http://sites.psych.ualberta.ca/comparativelab/
Elliot Ludvig: http://elliot.ludvig.ca
Elizabeth Kensinger: https://www2.bc.edu/elizabeth-kensinger/

Broader discussion of differences in risk preference for decisions from described probabilities and experienced outcomes ('description-experience gap'):

Related work looking at influence of cognitive biases on gambling behavior:
Luke Clark: https://twitter.com/LukeClark01; http://cgr.psych.ubc.ca
Michael Wohl: http://http-server.carleton.ca/~mwohl/Dr_Michael_Wohl/Gambling_Lab.html
Sherry Stewart: https://twitter.com/DrSHStewart   http://alcoholresearchlab.psychology.dal.ca

Parkinson's disease and pathological gambling:

Caution with consumer tDCS (paper by Nick Davis):

Excellent overview of decision-making in neurological conditions by Michael J. Frank et al: