Episode 13: Neurodiversity and Intersectionality

Sheena Henderson, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist joins us to talk about neurodiversity and intersectionality.  Sheena is also Certified in Developmental Individual Relationship™ (DIR Floortime®) level 2 and gives us some details on this approach. Mrs. Henderson obtained a B.A in Psychology, A Masters degree in Counseling Psychology- Marriage and Family Therapy and is connected within the Mental Health community. Sheena shares her experiences with providing access to and intervention for people of color. It was a pleasure having her and look forward to more chats in the future.

We'll be heading to SfN in San Diego in 2 weeks...contact us if you're interested in discussing your work!

Link:  https://soundcloud.com/deborah-budding/episode-13-neurodiversity-and-intersectionality


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